6 Steps to Creating an Indoor Glass Waterfall

An indoor glass waterfall adds beauty and value to any room it is installed.
Not only does it elevate a room’s aesthetics, it relaxes the people around it with its soothing flow of water. The best part about an indoor water fountain or glass waterfalls though is that fact that anyone can install in their rooms.
After reading this article, you will have the sufficient knowledge to install a …

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own Glass Greenhouse

You know what any gardener should have in his/her home? A green house. So while you’re busy in the yard riding on your best zero turn mower as the grass just doesn’t stop growing, inside the greenhouse, plants are managed and under control.
Greenhouses are the perfect places to garden plants. It offers humidity control when the weather is unpredictable, and keeps away pests from yo…

How to Choose Your Own Bedroom Windows and Blinds

One of the tricky parts of having a new bedroom is the windows and blinds. Just like trying to find the best extra firm mattress for your bed, you want to have the perfect combination that will blend to your overall bedroom theme. In this short guide, I will show you the basics of choosing the right combination.
There are several types of common bedroom windows that include vary…

Why use vinegar to clean windows?

Vinegar is the answer to all your window stain problems.
Most people wipe their windows with harsh chemicals, but is it really the best choice of cleaning agent? Believe me, vinegar is usually the better option! Vinegar is a gift of nature I find underused in window cleaning. Let me explain to you further the benefits.
Like the harsh chemicals you use on windows, vinegar kills germs too. Unlike those chemicals thoug…

On the Art of Glassblowing

Let me introduce you to glassblowing, a craft that has been popular for quite some time now.
Glassblowing has been used since the ancient times, but it has recently become more available to the public. Though modernization has made it more available, it still uses the same old tools and processes from ancient periods.
Molten glass is still blown to a bubble using a blowpi…