About Us

This blog is dedicated to anything related to the art of glass making and designing. We are driven to provide you with all the knowledge and expertise you need related to glass decors and wares. We recognize that most homes or establishments will always have the use of glass materials to completely furnish it. Thus, we give it the importance it’s due.

We are brothers who are experienced in the art of glass blowing. We have delved long in this craft, and have created numerous glass sculptures in process. This craft involves the precise forming of molten glass using a blowpipe. It takes skill and precision to create fine work from this craft.

When we are not busy or doing our hobby, we also enjoy blogging about anything glass in homes. Our blog include trendy installments of windows, mirrors, and other forms of glass art. DIY guides on creating your glassware, as furnishing your home with them, are few of the many posts you will find here.

If interested in any of the glasswares or posts displayed, you may contact us from this site. We will accommodate you as soon as possible.

Feel free to look around our blog as well. The blog will surely answer any questions you might have regarding glassware, and how they are crafted.