6 Steps to Creating an Indoor Glass Waterfall

An indoor glass waterfall adds beauty and value to any room it is installed.

Not only does it elevate a room’s aesthetics, it relaxes the people around it with its soothing flow of water. The best part about an indoor water fountain or glass waterfalls though is that fact that anyone can install in their rooms.

After reading this article, you will have the sufficient knowledge to install a waterfall fountain in any of your establishments or homes.

  1. First, you need to prepare your glass sheets. Drill a hole in its center, attach the necessary wooden blocks on the corner of the sheet. Attach sea glass to the glass sheets using the proper adhesive. Choose a type of sea glass that is in line with your preference.
  2. Setup the reservoir where you want the glass waterfall to be found. This is where your water will be pumped from. Make use of a planter to make things easy.
  3. Add plastic tubing once you’re done with the reservoir. Thread the tubing from the back side of your sheet and stick with adhesive.
  4. Let’s mount the glass waterfall now to your designated area. Prepare the brackets you need for your design. You can do this by measuring on your chosen wall using a tape measure. Afterwards, mount the brackets. Use drills and screws to mount them on your wall.
    1. Install the pump in the hanging planter in step 2. Afterwards, connect the pump with your tube, and add distilled water to the planter. Then, pump away!
  5. Once you have finished all the essential steps, you may now add accessories. Stone and plant decors are all acceptable, depending on your preference.

I hope you found this post helpful in creating your very own indoor glass waterfall. Cheers!

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