A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own Glass Greenhouse

You know what any gardener should have in his/her home? A green house. So while you’re busy in the yard riding on your best zero turn mower as the grass just doesn’t stop growing, inside the greenhouse, plants are managed and under control.

Greenhouses are the perfect places to garden plants. It offers humidity control when the weather is unpredictable, and keeps away pests from your produce. It takes advantage of what is known as the greenhouse effect, where light energy is stored for your plants as heat energy.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to build your own glass greenhouse.

Depending on the snow and winds that visit your area, you want to build a greenhouse that has enough support. You wouldn’t want it to get demolished anytime soon.

  1. Measure the space your frame will occupy. This will determine how large your greenhouse will be. The good thing about these structures is that you can make a unit 6-8 feet deep. Also, choose an appropriate spot with maximum sunlight. We want to get the most out of your greenhouse.
  2. Once you’re done measuring the area for your structure, secure your frames to the base of your perimeter by securing the space between frames with 2×4 poles. This gives the required support during windy days. If it is too wobbly, use steel cables for X-bracing for more support.
  3. Afterwards, look at the joints and connection in your frame for rough edges that might damage the glass covering of your greenhouse.
  4. Seal the two ends of your greenhouse. You can make a wood or glass framed wall depending on your preference to fit the curve of your steel roof. Don’t forget to leave at least one door upon sealing though. Adjust the amount of glass you use depending on your need for lighting.
  5. Cover the entire roof structure with glass. People can opt for polyethylene sheets or fiberglass, but glass is the most permanent solution there is. It is unmatched in terms of clarity and light permeability. If you have the budget, you want to cover your greenhouse with tempered glass, since it is 5 times as thick as normal glass. This ensures that your greenhouse won’t crack unless under extreme duress. This also makes sure snow can never break your greenhouse even when it’s piled at its heaviest.

In the end, a greenhouse will give you that needed advantage for your plants to flourish. As you can see above, making your very own greenhouse isn’t that difficult.

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