How to Choose Your Own Bedroom Windows and Blinds

One of the tricky parts of having a new bedroom is the windows and blinds. Just like trying to find the best extra firm mattress for your bed, you want to have the perfect combination that will blend to your overall bedroom theme. In this short guide, I will show you the basics of choosing the right combination.

There are several types of common bedroom windows that include varying benefits. These include the following:

  • Casement Bedroom Windows – This window is quite practical due to its design construction.
  • Rotating Bedroom Windows – This window type offers ease when cleaning. Also, opening this window is quite easy regardless if you’re inside or outside.
  • Awning Bedroom Windows – These windows are perfect when placed on high walls, since they provide you with the light and breeze any room needs.
  • Double Hung Bedroom Windows – This type offers a unique style to your bedroom, since it allows you to open it from the top.
  • Bay and Bow Bedroom Windows – This provides a curved look to your bedroom, which facilitates more light coming in.

You want to choose the window type that will perfectly suit your needs for ventilation, light and room spacing. Once you have found a satisfying window type, you can now look for the perfect window blinds to pair with them.

You want to choose bottoms-up blinds or privacy blinds for your bedroom, depending on where it is located in your home. Bottoms-up blinds allow the bottom of your window to be covered while leaving the top open. This is perfect if your bedroom is facinga public area, like a street or the neighborhood.

You also want your blinds to be aesthetically pleasing. Choose patterned vertical blinds for your bedroom to give it that plush feel. Alternatives would also include mini-blinds that you color coordinate. Make sure you choose blind colors that match the theme of your bedroom.

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