Why use vinegar to clean windows?

Vinegar is the answer to all your window stain problems.

Most people wipe their windows with harsh chemicals, but is it really the best choice of cleaning agent? Believe me, vinegar is usually the better option! Vinegar is a gift of nature I find underused in window cleaning. Let me explain to you further the benefits.

Like the harsh chemicals you use on windows, vinegar kills germs too. Unlike those chemicals though, vinegar is non-toxic. This means it is a safe liquid for cleaning, since it does not provide risks when inhaled or ingested. If your children were to get anywhere close to vinegar, the worst that can happen is a soured face from ingestion. Additionally, you want to use vinegar since regular cleaning chemicals harm the environment around it.

Okay, so I convinced you of the benefits of vinegar as a cleaning agent. What next?

You want to start by mixing vinegar with water. It is a simple cleaning solution you can use anywhere at home. Mix equal amounts of hot water with vinegar, and pour them inside a spraying container. Once you spray it to a surface that needs cleaning, you will realize that it completely cleans streaks and smudges. The luster from cleaning will be most obvious when you clean without the sun facing your window directly.

Once you have sprayed your solution on the glass, dry it out with lint-free cloth right away. Vinegar can also damage surfaces when left wet for too long.

Use this cleaning solution on all of your glass surfaces. I find it absolutely amazing how effectively it does the job. I hope you find it as effective too.

Thank you for visiting this post! Do you have any questions regarding the use of vinegar solutions, or anything glass related? Feel free to comment below.

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